Just A Little Creativity: Glamorous Glasses by Barbara Johansen Newman {Giveaway}

Glamorous Glasses by Barbara Johansen Newman {Giveaway}

Monday, November 12, 2012

Do you have a child who needs glasses? Is he or she a bit nervous about getting them? Or, maybe you have a child like Bobbie, a little girl who desperately wants a pair of glasses but doesn't need them. As you can see in my photo, my son would definitely be the one who wants a pair but doesn't need them, while I personally on the other hand need glasses but don't want them. In fact, it was only this year that I actually built up the nerve and went to get an eye exam.

The bright and colorful new children's book, Glamorous Glasses by Barbara Johansen Newman is an adorable story based on the author's childhood and her lifelong obsession with eyeglasses.

In this book she takes a that a lot of kids (or grown-ups like me) may get nervous or upset about (like getting glasses), and lightens it up with two adorable little characters who take this journey together. Bobbie (Barbara JN's nickname as a child) goes to the eye doctor with her cousin and is enthralled while Joanie tries on frames. Bobbie is desperate to get her own pair of glamorous glasses but is dismayed when the doctor says her vision is perfect. Later, when their mothers aren't looking, the girls trade Joanie's glasses for Bobbie's purse, but after some mishaps they discover that seeing clearly is actually better than looking glamorous!
The whimsical illustrations will capture your child's attention and definitely enhance the story by drawing them right in. I love how the book captures a normal childhood situation, and teaches the moral to children that they are perfect just the way they are.

Be sure to check out Barbara's super-fun website geared for kids (and their parents) based around this adorable new book.

Glamorous Glasses is available to purchase on Amazon

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  1. It sounds adorable. I want to givd it to one of my favorite kiddies.

  2. What a fun idea - lovely gift idea for sure!

  3. I'd love to win because I wear glasses! :)

  4. I want to win because I hated wearing glasses when I was young and I have a feeling my girls will have to wear them, this would be a great tool to help them cope with getting glasses :)

  5. I love this for kids who wear glasses, and even for understanding for those who dont!

  6. NYCSingleMom11/10/12, 6:29 AM

    Cute book.

  7. My daughters have just started acknowledging differences in people. Would be great to read a positive, fun story about people that wear glasses.

  8. Molly, thank you so much for the lovely review of Glamorous Glasses. And my favorite part? Seeing pictures of your son who looks like he loves glasses as much as I do! People often ask me why I never outgrew my obsession with eyewear. The reason? Because I just find it to be a great deal of fun to wear them--so many colors, so many shapes. Looking at his smiling face sums up what a visit to the optician is like for me. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. I would like to win this book for my niece who just got glasses.

  10. I am going to be a music teacher at the end of this year. When I get my first job, I know there will be young students who are getting glasses for the first time, or who may be uncomfortable with themselves in the first place (ie, getting braces, etc). I think this would be a great opportunity to use something that many kids go through for musical purposes along with encouraging students to be who they were made to be. In other words, this book looks like it would make for an awesome music lesson, but more importantly, a self-esteem booster for most students at the elementary level!

  11. I love to read to my little grandson and this would be a great book to add to his library.

  12. I would love to win this book so that I can read it to our children, they will love it!

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  13. I would love to win because I love that the story is based on actual things that caused the author to fall in love with eyeglasses and I think it will be a great book to read in a classroom! Thanks!

  14. Fun book! My daughter loves trying on my glasses.

  15. I would love to win this book as my daughter is only 4 and wears glasses. She has had her feelings hurt because she has been called 4 eyes. She could bring this book to school so the teacher could read it to the class.