Just A Little Creativity: Mod Podge Map- Accent Table Before & After Makeover

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mod Podge Map- Accent Table Before & After Makeover

I haven't had any furniture makeovers to share recently, because well, I haven't found any pieces I need for my home right now. But when I saw this cute little accent table at a thrift shop last week, I scooped it right up.

It's is solid wood, but it had a lot of water circles on the top, and was very scratched. I'm thinking it was used as a cat scratching post in it's past life, I dunno. 

Time for a chalk paint treatment. I didn't sand it at all, just dusted it off. 
I used my Annie Sloan's in old white on the outside, and duck egg blue on the inside cubby. I left the top unpainted, because I had a special idea for it. 

I have a collection of vintage maps from 1970's National Geographic magazine, all in various degrees of damage. I found a pretty one of South America that was nice on the top, but torn across most of the bottom, so I salvaged the good parts and mod podged it to the top of the table.
I simply brushed on the MP and laid the map directly to the top of it. I didn't cut it out beforehand at all.  

Once the map was dry, I simply flipped the table over and used an Exacto blade to trim around the top and get an exact fit.  

I didn't want it to look "too perfect" so I distressed it just a bit on the legs with a sanding block.

And just because I love great before and after shots...

Fabulous darling, just fabulous. 

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Kahli said...

The map really transformed the look of the table it is now a statement piece!

Nikki Frank-Hamilton said...

Love this! Great idea, it really transformed the table into a show-piece.

D.C. said...

I am a little confused. Did you coat the map after it was applied? I am going to do a pallet table top with the map split over each pallet board so the it wraps the edges of each board slightly. I have only the single copy of this old 1950 map of Rocky Mountain National park and really need to get it right the first time!

Cristin Frank said...

the distressing looks great - nice touch!

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